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Paint on Press® is Arkay’s trademarked technique which Arkay uses to reveal all of the true graphic possibilities contained within our customers’ artwork! Arkay enhances the artists’ design concept, while working to develop the most cost-effective production methodology, using these steps:
  • The artwork is reviewed with the customer in advance to better understand the designer’s intent and vision – at which time, recommendations and options are thoroughly assessed for consideration.
  • Once the Arkay team receives the Tiff file, we then separate the art into printing and finishing layers, while at the same time developing a menu of options that are designed to enhance the completed 3D carton.
  • Actual finished cartons are developed with all of the options, so they can be utilized for focus groups and leadership meetings before reaching final determination. Artists and designers are always encouraged to join us on press during this process.
  • Artwork is continually appraised and modified to show alternative designs in order to open up – and encourage – numerous possibilities.
  • Painting is done on actual production equipment, making it completely repeatable for production orders.
  • Various board types – i.e., mylar, holograms, sustainable, bright whites, coated, uncoated, etc. – are commonly tested, and diverse stamping, leaf, pearls, film laminations, inks coatings, holograms, etc. are presented.
  • Upon completion of the process, there are frequently 25 to 50 different options for consideration!
  • Sales samples can be obtained using this process as well.
  • RFP’s for all options are developed in advance, allowing for the budgeting of carton cost.
  • Paint on Press® can additionally serve as a value-improvement for future cost reduction options.
Arkay’s Paint on Press® presents an invaluable and unique opportunity that benefits our customers. It is yet another example of how Arkay is a visionary in our industry today, continuously asserting ourselves to grow and improve.